Exfoliation |35’ 
Castro Marim salt scrub | Salmarim in a hot and humid environment, for a deep cleaning of the skin, and hydration

Local Massages |45´ 

Adapted Back Massage
Essential oils are applied in this therapeutic massage to relieve tension in the back, neck, and shoulders.
Essential oils are used in this stimulating massage of specific points of the feet for the relaxation of the whole body.

Full body massage | 75’ 
Tranquilizing Massage
Relaxing techniques with essential oils
Energizing Massage
Stretching and invigorating techniques, use of essential oils.
Jet Lag Zero
Adapted to those who come to us from an exhausting trip, this massage uses essential oils depending on their specific needs.
A set of essential oils designed on the spot and applied to the body using oriental techniques and stretches, ending with a massage to the head and face.
Detox Massage
Recommended for those who feel the need for organic purification.
Immune System Activator
Essential organic oils to activate and reinforce the Immune System in a recuperative massage.
Maternal massage
Adapted to parturient and in the postpartum ,respecting the woman’s cycle.

 “Salmarim” salt scrub in the Hamam, personalized wrap and full body massage | 120’ 

 IGNAE - Azores skincare Beauty Treatments

Face | 75’
Facial cleansing, gentle exfoliation. Application of products with a draining facial massage, application of a face mask based on spirulina; foot or arm massage. The treatment ends with the application of IGNAE day cream and a light massage.

 Body |90’
Salt scrub followed by warm water baths and colostrum involvement.
Removal of the body mask in the Hamam harmonized hydration with a adapted massage

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